cages for keets

One of the first things to get when buying a new parakeet is his/her home.


If you are just getting 1 parakeet a cage in the size of 18 X 18 X 22 should be a wonderful home for your new bird. Also make sure that the bar spacing is no bigger than 1/2 of an inch.

You would not want your feathered friend getting their head stuck!

 Please do not go smaller… bigger is always better. Get the biggest cage that you can afford. Your bird is going to be spending some time in its cage so it will need the most room allowed for flapping & climbing.


This is a great cage for 1 bird:


a good cage for 1 parakeet
plenty of room for toys & perches

here are my 7 in the same cage
mind you this is an out door cage for fresh air. not there home

another shot of the cage with toys
this is a good cage for 1 bird just looks small

When thinking about getting 2 or more parakeets you will have to think really big.

I have 7 parakeets & I house them in a cage that is 24 X 24 X 32. Even this is getting small. Soon I will be getting them a cage that is 32 X 21 X 32


This is there cage now:

a good cage for 4 to 6 parakeets
size 24 X 24 X 32

Having parakeets as pets is so much fun. You will end up having as much fun as I do. When keeping this many, please keep in mind that in order to keep the fighting down & everyone happy, you will need a good size home for this many keets.

a great cage for 6 to 8 keets
size 32 X 21 X 32

For those with more than 8 parakeets, an aviary is the way to go or a large flight cage here are some great cages:

this is a good cage
the middle can pull out to make one big cage

a nice big cage

another big cage

this is a great cage If you have the $$
you can find a cage like this on e bay

35"x35"x65 1/2 inch bar spacing
cost..... 201.99

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