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mating & sexing birds

getting ready to mate

love is in the air

a mating pair of budgies

a pair of budgies mating

a mating pair of birds

a wild pair of budgies mating

Just a couple of things everyone thinking of breeding should know.
Answer the following questions and lets see if you do know what your getting yourself into..

What do you feed them?
Do they have extra calcium and minerals?
Has the cere turned brown and crusty.
Do you know how long it takes for the female to be ready for breeding?
How long after her cere changing colour when will she mate?
How long after mating will she lay her first egg?
Do they Have a nest box?
Are this type of bird nesters?
How many eggs can you expect in a clutch?
Do you know the incubation period?
How many days after each egg will the hen lay another on?
How old should the birds be before they allowed to have babies?
How do you know if the chicks are not getting enough food?
Could you tell if chicks got sour crop?
Do you know what sour crop is?
Do you know how to hand feed chicks if parents abandon them?
Do you know how often the chicks should be fed if abandoned?
Do you know what to feed the chicks if they get abandoned?
Do you know the correct temprature of the food for hand feeding chicks?
How will you keep chicks warm if parents abandon them?
How old will the chicks be before they can be removed from the cage?
Does the male bird need to be taken out of the cage when the eggs hatch?

how to sex your budgies

a females cere

a female baby budgie note the head full of strips

a males cere


a baby male budgie note the stripes on the head