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telling the Difference between a baby budgie & a adult budgie

here is a good place to find out how to get a baby budgie
there a lot of fun & much easier to train


The following 4 pointers are a good way of knowing the age of your budgie. Some prefer young birds since they are easier to tame.

A- Check the forehead. Young Budgies have stripes extending down to their ceres, while adult Budgies loose the striping and have a clear forehead.
Exception: Some pied birds are born with clear foreheads. Always check other pointers.

B- Young Budgies are born with no iris ring, they have big black eyes. As they mature, an iris ring becomes obvious gradually. Mature Budgies will have a white iris ring around their eyes.
Exception: Recessive pied Budgies don't get white iris rings. Always check other pointers.

C- Ceres: Young Budgies ceres are pinkish, almost translucent. Adult Budgies have well marked cere colors. It is blue in males and chalky white to brown in females.
Exception: Recessive pied and ino males retain their translucent pink cere. Always check other pointers.

D- Throat spots: Baby Budgies have small, irregular throat spots. Adult Budgies have round well defined spots.
Exception: Some pied, and some color variations don't get throat spots. Always check other pointers.
thanks to pass from just budgies