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my family of fids

I have this site up to help people who love budgies

please come on in & have a seat enjoy what you see & learn


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megan & twitter
a very cute picture

my fids
kiwi buttercup twitter bluebell rainbow sunshine willow

my birds all 7

buttercup a yellow faced albino
we got her 8 days after twitter

twitter my yellow faced sky blue spangel

my family of birds

Welcome graphic

Interesting Facts:
SPECIES: Budgerigar
Habitat: Australian grasslands
Behavior: Friendly and outgoing
Family: Psittacidae
Genus: Melopsittacus undulates
Size: Averages 7" to 7-1/2"
Diet: Seeds or grains, greens, fruits, vegetables, some live food, and mineral blocks. Watch the amount of seed because of their tendency for obesity.
Special Needs: If left to an inactive lifestyle, they are prone to obesity and all the problems related to being overweight. Can be sensitive to iodine deficiency (especially when fed seed exclusively), which can cause thyroid dysplasia, a disease where the thyroid gland presses on the trachea. These hardy birds can also succumb to bacterial infections. Change water frequently to help reduce problems from contaminated water.
Owner Challenges: Very active. As wild birds they fly great distances in flocks. Problems can arise if they are kept too sedentary. They need outlets for exercise and mental stimulation as well as social interaction.
Life Span: 6-10 years
Average Cost:


Info taken from Dr fosters & smith

my babies

my new baby twitter

birds on a basket

my babies
taken on 1/31/05

welcome to my site
here you will meet my birds

Kiwi Is a normal green female keet   

Sky she is a light blue Recessive Pied 

Sunshine is a light green Recessive Pied male

Willow he is a mauve gray wing

Rainbow he is   yellow face dilute dominant pied

Bluebell, she is a normal blue

Twitter, she is a yellow faced sky blue spangle

Now to our flock joins Buttercup she is a yellow faced albino


wow it has been 3 years sence getting another bird

please help me welcome flutter she is an albino


wow it has been 7 years from the last time I had cute little bugs in my house please welcome sapphire and sprite we got them on Tuesday 08-11-15


our newest bird flutter
she is an albino

my flock of feathered friends

rainbow sunshine willow sky kiwi

so pretty

a very hansome bird
I wish he was mine

hansome yellow face blue

the bird of my dreams

these are some of the birds boards that I visit


just budgies

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